Sunday, October 16, 2011

Horse Crazy Kiddos

Here is a great site for all types of horse lovers. Whether you are just starting out with horses, and want to learn some of the basics, or if you have been around horses all your life, this site is for you. There is great information on Quarter Horses, Paint Horses, some upcoming events and more.

To check it out Click Here

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


A modern, and safe way to spice up your home to the scent of your liking without having to use the traditional candles. You can personalize any room big, or small. Warmers comes in different sizes, styles, and colors. Available in more than 80 plus scents! Melting point of the wax only reaches above our normal body temperature so it's safe for the kids, and pets. We also have the Decorate It Yourself line, more fragrance products, stylish plug in warmers, scent/warmer of the month, and monthly specials.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Mom's Busy Life

Wow! I can't believe how fast the time goes by these days. I never believed my parents when they used to say that time goes faster as you get older. Now, I think time goes by so fast because we are so busy. We don't seem to take the time to slow things down.
I know, slowing things down is nearly impossible. I have a 6 year old son that keeps my husband and I hopping. We went from spring baseball, to a short jag of swimming lessons, to a full on life of football. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE every minute of it. It just seems to go too fast.
I thought I would try to take some time out of that busy life, and look for some things that can make our busy life easier each and every day. I hope the things I find will help us all. If anyone has anything to add, or any additional ideas, please join in.